Jardes Macalé: One of the best things about Brazil.

Macalé is author of songs like Cheap Steam, exterminated Angel, Evil Secret Movement of boats, Rua Real Grandeza Highness, the Star Hotel, Poem Rosa. Capinam had as partners, Waly Solomon, Torquato Neto, Nana Vasconcelos, Xico Chaves, Jorge Mautner, Gláuber Abel Rocha and still Silva, Vinicius de Morais, Fausto Nile. Among the interpreters of his songs are Gal Costa ("Hotel of the Stars" and "Vapor cheap"), Maria Bethania ("Angel exterminated" and "Movement of boats"), Clara Nunes ("The more-than-perfect") , Shirt Venus ("Gotham City") and O Rappa ("Vapor Cheap"), among others. Although it has also partnered with Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, broke with them considering that tropicalismo had been co-opted by the culture industry, losing independence

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